2021 m. lapkričio 4 d. vyko nuotolinė Tarptautinės tėvystės programos konferencija tema „Tėvystė pandemijos laikais“. Konferenciją organizavo Zuydo taikomųjų mokslų universiteto Socialinio darbo katedra (Nyderlandai). Konferencijoje dalyvavo ir pranešimus skaitė Zuydo taikomųjų mokslų universiteto,  Maltos universiteto, Notingemo Trento universiteto (Jungtinė Karalystė), Leuven-Limburgo universitetinės kolegijos (Belgija) atstovai. Vilniaus kolegiją konferencijoje atstovavo ir pranešimą „Parenting During the Pandemic“ skaitė VIKO PDF lektorius Audrius Ivanauskas.

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Web lecture 1
Organization Malta university
Title web-lecture: Reflections on the Impact of COVID-19 on Parenting
By: Prof. Carmel Borg Ph.D. (Toronto), FRSA Head – Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education
Content: The presentation will draw on multiple research sources to explore the impact of COVID-19 on parents living in different socio-economic and cultural contexts. The presentation will also offer signposts for a recovery period that is not informed by a ‘back-to-normal’ approach
Link: available 4th of Nov. 2021

Web lecture 2
Organization UCLL Belgium
Title web-lecture: Connecting with and between parents, even in online times
By: Sarah Vandekerkhof, Researcher | Resilient people & Inclusive society
Content: Social connections are key to support resilience in the transition to parenthood, but the context of COVID-19 and online communication poses many challenges. In this lecture, we discuss challenges of becoming a parent during the pandemic and introduce a method to connect with and between parents in an online context.
Link: available 4th of Nov. 2021

Web lecture 3
Organization Vilniaus kolegija UAS, Lithuania
Title web-lecture: Parenting During the Pandemic
By: Audrius Ivanauskas, lecturer
Content: With the onset of the pandemic, parents faced new challenges: work from home, stress, fears, conflict situations, congestion, etc. They were overflowed with responsibilities and daily worries, such as caring for children’s studies at home or uncertainty about their future. In the presentation, we will discuss these and other important issues and try to find answers on what to do to make it easier for families to meet the challenges of the pandemic.
Link: available 4th of Nov. 2021

Web lecture 4
Organization Zuyd UAS, The Netherlands
Title web lecture: Refugee parents in Corina time in NL
By: Hilde van Schaeren and Wim Goossens, senior lecturers Zuyd UAS
Content: If you are a refugee parent in a new environment you are extra vulnerable during a pandemic. In this web-lecture we will explain the positions and experiences of young student refugee parents in current Corona time.
Link: available 4th of Nov. 2021

Web lecture 5
Organization: Nottingham Trent University, UK
Title: Parents as Mentors in a Post-Covid world
By: Dr Frances Howard, Senior lecturer & course leader for BA (Hons) Youth Studies
Content: This presentation reports on a new Mentoring Scheme for Girls aged 9-14 who have been deemed at-risk of mental health issues from the return to socialisation following numerous Covid lockdowns and disruptions. The first programme of this kind, supported by Nottinghamshire YMCA, this research captures the reflection of parent (and non-parent) students involved in the scheme. We report on the referrals made to this programme and the barriers put in place by parents, but also on the Mentors use of their prior parental experience in working with their Mentees. We conclude that further work remains to be done around involving parents in these programmes in future to glean the best possible outcomes for the child.
Link: available 4th of Nov. 2021